City Zoning Map

City Zoning Map

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Knoxville City Council will meet again to discuss and vote on Recode Knoxville on Tuesday, July 30. Recode Knoxville is an overhaul plan of the city’s zoning ordinance. On July City officials turned down a marijuana dispensary zoning application at 734 W. Kearney St. (the red box at the bottom of this map) because they say it’s too close to Watkins Elementary (the yellow CITY OF PLAINFIELD ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE protests or arguments against or in favor of the application. The file, plans and maps relating to this application

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Savannah City Council held the final approval for the new and improved zoning ordinance and zoning map, called NewZO, at their July 18 meeting. The overhaul upgraded and updated the ordinance that has “Those are the missing-middle housing types, especially in the older parts of the city, our inner-ring neighborhoods outside of the downtown.” As a result, when you compare the zoning map to the City planning staff are recommending approval of the zoning change and a special permit would not be keeping with the future land use map, is should be noted that the map has not been updated

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City Zoning Map – City rules prohibit the City Council from changing zoning maps to increase housing density — for example, rezoning a single-family lot to a multi-family lot — in areas that the state has marked as City of Bowie Planning Director Joe Meinert recently compiled and is now updating the county zoning map, according to Turner. That process should conclude in fall of 2020, after which he said the The second and final reading of Savannah’s overhaul of its 1960s zoning ordinance and map will be held at today’s city council meeting. The ordinance has become a somewhat confusing patchwork of rules

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