Londont Tube Map

Londont Tube Map

If the UK heatwave has left you feeling a little parched, fear not, an alternative tube map will help quench your thirst. The revised map shows the nearest happy hour deals to a number of London Calling all budget-conscious drinkers: a map showing the nearest happy hour to a number of London Underground stations has been created. It’s been a good couple of weeks for people who like to drink An amazing new London tube map has revealed the cheapest places in the capital to get a pint of beer near every tube station. Whether your tipple is a Bud Light, a Guinness or even a tasty pint of

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Another day, another alternative tube map. This one features one of Londonist’s favourite pastimes. Cheap booze. The team at Mappy Hour have found the nearest happy hour to every zone 1 tube Working out where to enjoy a pint without breaking the bank is one of the common stresses of London life. Fortunately, fastidious researchers have compiled a redesigned Tube map showing the cheapest Marshall also wanted to remind everyone that some London train lines that aren’t part of the Tube are air-conditioned as well, so while they’re not on his map they’re a viable alternative. also nb:

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Londont Tube Map – The walking map of London tells you how long it would take to walk between Tube stations so you can plan your journey (Picture: TFL) In case you hadn’t heard, it is going to be rather hot this week. Unless you live in a cave, you’ll be aware that Britain is currently in the grip of a heatwave, which is causing its weary commuters, especially those who have to get the Tube in London, rather a lot So next time you’re planning a pub trip the week before payday, it’s definitely worth consulting this rather handy version of the London tube map created by pint-loving data whizz Adam Stead for

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