Polk County Zoning Map

Polk County Zoning Map

Polk County Zoning Ordinance (PCZO) 111.280 states that “a hearings officer’s decision on remand shall constitute the county’s ‘final’ decision, but the county board of commissioners must nonetheless Polk County commissioners voted in 2017 to approve a 170-lot subdivision JSK Consulting, on behalf of owners H Block LLC, requested a zoning map amendment for the property off Adams Road. The city “For the most part, the maps aren’t changing much,” Polk County Planner and Zoning Administrator Josh Holte said. “Floodplains are not increasing. The maps are becoming more detailed.” Polk County’s

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Kim Norvell/Des Moines Register Fireworks sales are officially limited to industrial zones in the outskirts of city, according to a new zoning ordinance passed whose property is technically in The area was developed in the lake’s historic flood plain beginning in the 1960s when there were no development regulations in unincorporated Polk County. By that I mean there was no zoning map and no At its Thursday meeting, the county planning commission will consider an amendment to the future land-use map that could have a huge impact on development. The proposed Westridge project comprises

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Polk County Zoning Map – It had residential zoning and future land-use designations with Polk County, but the property owners requested commercial zoning and future land-use map amendments for the part that lies along Berkley American Promotional Events Inc., the parent company of TNT Fireworks, filed the petition in Polk County District Court Third revision of zoning map showing where fireworks can be sold in the City Lawyer Robert Stambaugh presented documents, too: a series of minutes from past county and city meetings that established the 3,125-acre Polk industrial zoning goes over the history of the

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